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Welcome to the voice of Trinity Village sponsored by the Trinity Village Improvement Association. We hope you will find our website useful. Our objective is to provide Village residents (both full and part-timers) with important and enjoyable information.

If you have something you think should go on this website, feel free to contact us. See the "Contact Us" page in the menu on the left.

Brush Mountain Lookout (Photo by N. Standley)

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News Update

Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department 2014 Calendar 

The Burton Pickle & Patti Goldman Memorial 1K & 5K Run/Walk SUNDAY May 25th @ Village Fire Hall
Registration @ 8a.m. Race @ 9
For further information contact Robyn via email  robynshelleyamore@gmail.com
Sunday Summer Breakfast Schedule :
At the Village Fire Hall
June 1st
July 6th
August 3rd
September 7th

Pencil in these dates and watch for further information on upcoming HBVFD events.


On January 3rd, the Trinity Village Mutual Water Company (TVMWC) seated their preliminary Board of Directors. Those Board Members are:

Paul Antongiovanni----------------------707 442-0970 

Tim Davy----------------------------------707 442-8682

Gary Dodson------------------------------530 629-2409

Anita Freemantle-------------------------530 629-2486

Ann Garland------------------------------530 629-3485

Joe Pinochi--------------------------------707 845-2027

Jon Stone----------------------------------707 442-6776

This task was completed so the TVMWC can proceed with the purchase of the Trinity Village Water Company (TVWC). The current members of the Board have been working as a committee since Dec. 21st and meeting weekly to complete the work started by Harley Smith, Fred Griffith.and Don Trepanier. The current Board thanks these 3 community members for the many hours of work they have put into this process and for Harley’s help in the transition. 

The current owners of the TVWC have been supportive of the direction this Board has taken to complete the purchase. 

Much work remains, and this Board and their committees have been working diligently to proceed with this task to bring forth a Mutual Water System for the benefit of our community. The TVMWC will be an incredible asset to our community now and in the future years.

Other committee members that are working as a support team; Cindy Gatioan, Merry Ann Grow, Audrey and Kent Brown, Nancy Standley, Mona Pinochi, Sue Davy, Tammy Forsell, Gary Forbes, Tim Fisher, and Kay Heath.

Community donations to the TVIA are still needed to help pay the legal fees, insurance costs and other expenses to bring this purchase to completion. Donation checks may still be sent to TVIA, POBox 366, Salyer, 95563 designated for this purpose.

Questions from the community may be directed to any of the Board Members regarding donations or the TVMWC in general.

The TVMWC Board of Directors

The following information was sent via email on December 31st.  If you did not receive it please send your email information to the Village Voice so that you will be informed of updates.

Dear Trinity Village Property Owner,

The new Trinity Village Mutual Water Company Committee has been working on the task of finalizing the purchase of the Trinity Village Water Company. The Committee  met on  Dec. 21st and on Dec. 27th and have completed the following tasks:

1.  Established 7 Trinity Village property owners who will serve as the board members of Trinity      Village Mutual Water Company to get this process completed.  Those people are:

Paul Antongiovanni

Jon Stone

Ann Garland

Anita Freemantle

Joe Pinochi

Gary Dodson

Tim Davy

2.  Prepared to purchase the insurance needed for the Board and Water Company liability.

3.  Reviewed what is needed to file for non-profit status and have the packet on its way.

4.  Have developed a draft of by-laws to review and complete

5.  Have reviewed the current purchase agreement and will be finalizing that document on Jan. 3rd.

6.  Have determined how we will go about collecting monies needed for the purchase.

The Committee anticipates the following expenses prior to and needed for the completion of the purchase of the water company:

1.  $1709 for insurance for liability and Directors

2.  Approx. $400 for mailings.

3.  Approx. $1000 to start escrow.

4.  Approx $2000 attorney fees to review contract, by-laws and policies.

5.  Approx $800 in taxes due for 2013 since the Trinity Village Mutual Water Company was      incorporated in September.

6.  $150 to complete the Incorporation process with the California Secretary of State.

Due to these expenses, the committee is asking for your help by making a donation to Trinity Village Improvement Association (TVIA) to help cover these expenses.  The committee members have already put in a lot of time, paper, and ink for this process to move forward. Attached is the letter explaining how you can donate to help with this process.  This donation will not be counted toward your shareholder fee, as the letter explains.  Anything you send to help will be used for this project only.

Thank you from the Trinity Village Mutual Water Company Committee


Dear Trinity Village Community:

This is a follow up to our previous communication and report of responses received:

On November 24th an e-mail communication was sent to 16 people that consisted of water committee people and other interested parties:  Only 6 responses were received back. No one offered to help or expressed a strong interest in continuing with the transaction.
On December 10th a community e-mail was sent to approximately 150 people. We have received six responses so far. 3 are definitely in favor of proceeding (of those, 2 indicated their willingness to help), 1 had just sold their property and was neutral, another response was neutral, and the last  response was currently trying to sell their property and did not want to proceed. 

One of the Community Members that wanted to proceed asked me to forward the contents of her original e-mail.  Here is her e-mail:

Water is and will be even more a commodity worth as much if not more than Gold.  It would be foolish for our community to not purchase the water system and water rights.  $1400 per lot is nothing compared to what water will cost in the future and if others buy it you can bet it will be used for bottled water or shipped in some way to the Valley for use by thirsty farmers. We will be paying much much more. 
You 3 have done remarkable things for our village.  It is time for others to step up and help and I would be glad to help in some way, but to give up on this project would be foolish.
Let's hear from others who are willing to help save Trinity Village water for Trinity Village use.
Pam Cahill
Hawkins Bar Rd #161 & 181

Supplemental Comments from Fred, Harley, & Don:  Probably the lack of response is the fear of the unknown amount of work and expertise in completing the transaction.  Make no mistake if the community goes forward with the purchase "they are effectively buying a business" with all of its rights and responsibilities. That being said, many of these responsibilities can be delegated to a hired part time General Manager at a later date.  However, if the community does want to buy it "this is the time".  We have completed much of the work already. To better understand what still needs to be done is the following highlighted list:

1)  Installation of a new Board, adopt Bylaws and get insurance.  Finish drafting By-Laws.
Comments: Last year at this time we elected seven Board members for a one year period.  Even though we were not "officially" installed we have completed a lot of work in the process.  Of these seven members, we would say that at least five new Board members need to step forward to  complete the transaction and operate the business for a reasonable time period after the sale is closed.  A minimum of one year and possibly a two year commitment.  
2)  Finalizing purchase contract and proceed to remainder of "due diligence". Legal and accounting issues. Obtain Federal and State tax exemption.
Comments: A purchase contract has been drafted that is almost complete.  It should probably be submitted to a Water Attorney for review and approval.
3)  Bill and collect $1400 from approximately 193 parcels.  Keep fiduciary records of who has paid and not paid and adopt and enforce a procedure for collection.
Comments: This is a major concern.  We need at least 143 lots to pay in full in order to just pay the down payment. Pam Cahill has indicated she would help in this process.
4)  Deal with the potential shortfall in down payment price.  If it falls apart at that stage, deal with refunding.  
Comments: If we are close to the down payment, will the Seller's agree to carry the balance?  If not or we are not even close on the down payment funds then we have to do refunds.  
5)  Figure out and pay for expenses if deal doesn't go through.  If deductions are made to fiduciary funds will they be equitable since not everyone has paid?   Could be messy...
Comments: TVIA has been great in this regard.  They have paid corporation filing fees and have committed to paying the initial Board insurance cost.  We will probably have some more additional legal and accounting bills if the process goes forward. So, this aspect of how and how it is  paid needs to be determined if the deal proceeds to the next level but then "falls apart". 
6)  Deal with financing, etc.
Comments: There are issues related to this.  Part of it is the Seller financing.  The other component is dealing with those members that are unable to pay in full and need to pay over time.  Perhaps also dealing with a Bank credit line.
7)  Issue stock certificates to 193 people.  Issue new certificates each time a lot is sold after confirming legal transfer.
Comments: A normal administrative issue that would be dealt with by the Secretary of the organization.
8)  Prepare recording documents with County Recorder for the Mutual.
Comments: This would give notice on title transfers. Preserve lien capabilities for unpaid water bills, etc.

After Purchase:
1)  Deal with employee/independent contractor issues.
2)  Deal with infrastructure (replacement, leaks,etc).
3) Establish and enforce policies and procedures related to connections, payments, late and delinquent payments, etc.
4) Deal with water quality and compliance issues.
5) Normal business operations, etc. 

Of this list the three of us would probably be willing to complete the By-Laws, help on filing for non-profit status,  work with a new group to review all aspects of the purchase contract and various disclosure issues.  Other than that we are done.   The three of us are not trying to pressure anyone. 
We are only wanting to articulate to the community to the best of our abilities the options for proceeding or not proceeding in a clear and concise manner. It is up to the individual community members to decide how important the issue of "owning their own water is" and whether is is worth their own individual efforts to make it happen.

Pam Cahill has suggested that interested community members could take this list and pick one area of interest to volunteer to.   A Board member could then volunteer from each respective group (or some of them). 

If there is not a substantial commitment in a short period of time it is our intent to dissolve the newly created entity with the Secretary of State.  We feel it is prudent to do that in this calendar year, if there is no interest in proceeding, due to tax liability issues.

Fred, Harley, & Don

Upcoming Events in the Village

Trinity Village Improvement Association's (TVIA) Quarterly Meeting
Saturday October 5th at 863 Hawkins Bar Road

Annual Trinity Village Yard Sale
Saturday May 18th
 Clear out the clutter. Get rid of those things you can live without. Have a yard sale! Get together with your Village neighbors for a fun filled yard sale experience. 

Please notify Charlene (629- 4208)  if you are going to participate

Dry Water Year for the Trinity

The Bureau of Reclamation announced  that releases from Lewiston Dam into the Trinity River will increase to a peak flow of 4,500 cubic feet per second for two days as part of the Trinity River Restoration Program. 

The public should take appropriate safety precautions whenever river flows are high. Releases will begin increasing on April 21. The peak release will be on the 2nd and 3rd of May.   The schedule will be posted on the Trinity River Restoration Program web site at www.trrp.net/. You can also subscribe to get the latest info on the water flow by going to this site.


For those of you registered with the Trinity Village Alert system remember when you get a call and there is silence say "Hello,"  The alert system is voice activated.  Once you say Hello it cues the message.  This may take a few seconds. 

If you got the message last Saturday March 23rd and wondered why it was repeated this morning (Monday the 25th) it was because of some reported issues.  Some said the phone only rang once and then hung up on them. If you are on the Alert List and did not get the message you need to call "Calling Post" Customer Service EST M-F Sat 10-2 @ 1-877-665-5646.  They are extremely helpful and can take care of the issue.

For those of you who are not on the list and want to be on the Alert List please call Nancy Standley (530-629-2415) to be included to get the Alert messages.  It costs you nothing for this.  It is paid for by the Trinity Village Improvement Association (TVIA).

Here is a copy of the last message that was sent:

Last Friday night about 10:30 p.m. a full size dark Toyota pickup (either crew cab or extended cab) with a tail light out attempted to steal items from a truck on Lone Pine Road.  

There have been a series of thefts recently including two road signs at the entrance of both Lone Pine and Hawkins Bar Road (the "No unauthorized vehicles",etc. ones including the posts), tools stolen from a garage on Lone Pine, collectibles and fishing gear from a shed on Hawkins Bar Road, and theft of gasoline from a car on Hawkins Bar Road, as well as from the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department's water tender.  The tender was drained empty. This could have put lives and property at jeopardy if there was a fire call that required the tender's water.

Be watchful and inform your neighbors.  Lock all doors and vehicles. Take down any suspicious vehicle license number, date and time of day along with a description of the vehicle and the person or people in it. This could be useful for the Sheriff's Department who are aware of the recent incidents.

PUC Approves New Water Rates July 2012

The Trinity Village Water Company has announced that the PUC approved their requested increases.  The new rates will be effective 6/6/12 according to Kay Heath of the TVWC. Your September bills for water used in July and August will reflect the new rate for the first 0-16,456 gallons will be $1.0294 per 1,000 gallons or $16.94. Above 16,456 gallons it will be $3.917 per 1,000 gallons.  The new service charge of $83 will be on the September-October bill.

The Trinity Village Water Company Is To  Be Sold

The owners of the Trinity Village Water Company have announced that the company is going up for sale this year and will either be bought by a private concern out of the area, or purchased and managed by the Village itself.  

Due to this news, the location of the Annual TVIA (Trinity Village Improvement Association) Meeting Saturday July 7th at 11 a.m. has been moved to the Water Plant building on Flame Tree Road in the Upper Village. 

At the close of the general meeting there will be a presentation from the Water Company on the options for us to consider. Encourage your neighbors to attend. It is crucial that every resident attend the meeting Saturday July 7th at 11 a.m. at the Water Plant to help decide the future control of our invaluable water supply. 




After the General TVIA Meeting,  the Water Company will be discussing the options we Villagers have for taking control of the water supply ourselves.  Plan to attend this vitally crucial meeting.  Encourage your neighbors to come also.


The Burton Pickle & Patti Goldman Memorial Run/Walk May 27th

(see the HBVFD page for more info)

HBVFD Sunday Breakfasts June-September

(see the HBVFD page for more info)

The Annual July Village Parade 

Sunday July 1st

This Year's Theme is Trinity Island Paradise

Participants stage at the Village Fire Hall at 10 a.m.

The Parade will commence @ 10:30

Annual TVIA Meeting for all Residents of the Village July 7th

(see the TVIA page for more info)

Gold Rush Day July 7th

(see the HBVFD page for more info)

Annual HBVFD Rummage and Bake Sale August 11th

(see the HBVFD page for more info)


January 10, 2012

The HBVFD and the TVIA want to inform you that the Hoopa Valley Tribe may close the Willow Creek ambulance substation.  

To communicate your concerns and/or questions address letters to the CEO of K'ima:w Medical Center Mihail Soare at POB 1288 Hoopa, CA 95546.  

You may also wish to contact your Trinity County District 4 Supervisor Debra Chapman by emailing her <dchapman@trinitycounty.org> and /or writing her a letter to POB 1613 (11 Court St) Weaverville 96093.

Click on the links below to access the Times-Standard and Two Rivers Tribune articles on the possible closure. Think about what this could mean for you, your family and friends.




This morning August 11 at 4:30 a.m. a Flame Tree resident found an unarmed young blond man about 5' 7'' wearing plaid shorts and a navy tee in her home.  

After he exited , he told a neighbor that he was "looking for the RV he was staying in (the Village)."  Computer items are missing from the home.  The Sheriff's Office has been informed.  Call if you see this young man 1-800-331-0115.

There were 2 other incidents also reported to have occurred over the past few days.  A residence on the river had windows broken out and the Sheriff's Office was notified.  Then on Sunday (August 8) evening a blue and beige shoulder purse was taken out of an unlocked vehicle on Madrone.

In addition, since last Friday (August 6) there have been complaints from several residents in Suzy Q of someone falling logs and throwing firewood rounds into the river near where children were swimming.  Forestry Law Enforcement and Fish and Game authorities have been notified as to the dangerous activity.

The large bear that is frequenting the Village is causing some property damage.  Reminders to all to not feed animals outside and keep garbage within 4 solid walls.  The bear has been tearing down fencing to get to cans stored outside.

If you are not on the TVIA alert phone list to be informed of such potential dangers call Nancy Standley (629-2415) to be added to the list. 

July 2010 TVIA/HBVFD Event Follow Ups/Warnings:

The Annual Walk Run. Village and HBVFD yard/rummage sales, and 4th of July Parade were well attended.  Plan to participate in next year's events.  Please email any photos you took of any of these events to news@gotrinityvillage.com. You might find them printed in next year's Village Voice Newsletter or on this website.

Now for the warnings.  There have been 3 drowning deaths over the past month and near tragedies in several other incidents on the river. Please be mindful of the river's dangers. If you are rafting or kayaking be sure to wear life vests. Trinity County Sheriff Craig says "The public needs to be aware that our rivers right now are not the safest place to go swimming."

There are also reports of a very large bear roaming around the early morning hours.  One Big Oak resident found the bear at her door on her deck.  Do not leave garbage cans or pet food out to tempt visitations from wild animals.  

Even scarier, there was a mountain lion within 15 feet of a resident who was gardening at 10:30 a.m. in his yard on Hawkins Bar Road near the cross street of Madrone Monday July 5th.  

If you are not on the TVIA alert phone list to be informed of such potential dangers call Nancy Standley (629-2415) to be added to the list.  Also call her to report any dangerous animal sightings.

February 1st 2010
Members of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS ) here in the Village record the official rainfall for our latitude and longitude here in the Village.  Official recording goes from July 1st to the end of June for each year.  

From July 1st 2009 until January 31st 2010, Station CA-TY-5 at 0.6 (863 Hawkins Bar Road) experienced  a total 23.62 inches of rain in the Village. During the month of January alone that station recorded 9.98 inches! Villagers report varying amounts depending on their location----it is interesting to compare and contrast the precipitatiion. 

If you are interested in participating in reporting rainfall, etc, go to info@cocorahs.org for information.  I hear it becomes an obsession!

January 2010
Happy New Year to All.  Be sure to check your water pipes.  Several Villagers experienced broken pipes and huge water bills over the past month.

Plan to participate in the TVIA's 2nd Annual Village Yard Sale which will be held on Saturday June 12th.  Last year's event drew people from far and near.  It was a huge success and a lot of fun.  Start weeding out all of those things that are taking up space that you no longer have a use for. Building supplies (i.e. doors, windows, screens), furniture, collectibles, antiques, clothing, glassware, books, appliances, tools, pots, pans, utensils, and even a boat found new homes at last year's sale. Contact Charlene if you plan to participate (629-4208).  The Trinity Village Improvement Association (TVIA) will again advertise the sale in the Trinity Journal (Weaverville), the Two Rivers Tribune (Hoopa), the Times Standard, and the Tri City papers.  

Also begin training for the Annual Burton Pickle 5k on May 30th.  There will be a silent auction and bake sale in addition to the 5k at the Fire Hall in the Village.  For more information and sign up go to <theburtonpickle5k.com>.

Incident Update: June/July 2009
There have been several near accidents with golf carts and ATV vehicles in the Village.  These included: golf carts on the wrong side  of the road with near head ons with passenger vehicles; golf carts racing with numerous children hanging on to each cart; spin outs, spinning "brodies", veering off the road, etc. 

Remember that the vehicle code does not allow such vehicles (even if driven by adult licensed drivers) on our county roads here in the Village. Our fire department dreads the day that they will have to respond to an accident with serious injuries and or potential fatalities involving children.

A break in burglary was also reported within the Village.  The Trinity County Sheriff's Office took a report.  Remember to secure all windows and doors and have someone ( a neighbor or Neighborhood Watch members) check on your property while you are away.

June 15, 2009

The first Annual Village Yard Sale event along with the HBVFD's Rummage Sale was a huge success and next year's promises to be even bigger and better. Bargain hunters from all over Humboldt and Trinity counties crossed over the bridge after attending the FD's sale at the Grange.  The visitors commented that the Village was a great community full of friendly people.  People left with their newly acquired "treasures" along with making new acquaintances.  Villagers experienced an invigorated sense of community spirit which makes living here so rewarding.  

The Trinity Village Improvement Association (TVIA)Annual Meeting will be held at the Fire Hall Sunday July 5th at 11 a.m.  This is your opportunity to help plan the upcoming projects and elect officers and board members.  Check out the agenda in the  Village Voice Newsletter.


The 4th of July Parade theme this year is "Trinity Village 2099".  Please plan to invite all of your little green extraterrestrial friends and ride around the Village in your chosen futuristic space device. Parade participants are to assemble at the Fire Hall in the Village at 10:15 Saturday July 4th with the blast off to the future to be around 11 a.m.

From Kay Heath of the Trinity Village Water Company

April 28, 2009

    While we are working on the main lines you might experience short periods of low water pressure or even water outages
    When you notice your pressure is low please turn off all faucets, and check every half hour to see if it has improved.
    You might experience air in the lines, and your toilets might make some noise, but as soon as the pressure returns and the air bubbles leave the system all will be back to normal.
    We will do our best to make these episodes as short as possible and hope they do not cause you too much inconvenience.
    Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.

If you have questions call 530-629-2382

Kay Heath

Trinity Village Water Company

Trinity Village Water Company News Update:

We received the following report from Kay Heath Administrative Assistant with the water company Tuesday, March 31:

At last there is progress.  We are happy to announce the new treatment plant is under way. The contractor is Mercer- Fraser Company with over 100 years of experience in construction including utility infrastructure.  The lead subcontractor is Whitsons our local plumbing company  with a vast knowledge in everything electrical, waste, as well as water. 

Everything is being done with the best interest of the community and the public as a whole.  Everyone is working around the clock to assure the project is running smoothly.

We hope to have new plant up and operating by the end of this summer.  So please bear with us just a little longer and we will all be proud to have one of the most up to date and attractive water treatment plant in the state. 


If you have questions call me at 530-629-2382.


Kay Heath

Trinity Village Water Company


Race starts



(rain or shine)


MAY 24, 2009


The Hawkins Bar Fire Department

Sign up early online at:

      HYPERLINK "http://www.theburtonpickle5k.com" www.theburtonpickle5k.com

For additional information please email

Patti Goldman:  HYPERLINK "mailto:pagoldman@hotmail.com" pagoldman@hotmail.com

March 26,2009
Free White Metals and Tire Amnesty Days at the Burnt Ranch Dump

The Trinity County Solid Waste Transfer Station at Burnt Ranch will be accepting at no charge white metal items like washers, dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, and up to 20 used tires.  The dates for this will be April 4th and the 11th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
March 6, 2009
Free Fuel Removal for Fire Safety 

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District (RCD) has free programs to help property owners protect their homes from wildfire----a goal that has become a priority for Cal Fire and insurance companies. The program has funding for projects  which include the Hawkins Bar, Salyer, and the Lower South Fork Road areas as well as other high risk for wildfire areas in Trinity County. 

The work involves removal of brush and low limbs on trees along roads and around homes to remove  “ladder fuels.”  The object is to break up the continuity of vegetation so the fire has no avenue to advance. In the communities approved for the grants, the work is free to the landowner.  Contact the RCD Manager Pat Frost at 530-623-5135 if you are interested in the removal of these fuels to enhance your fire safety. 

March 1, 2009
New Water Treatment Plant and Broadband

Bill Anderson with the Trinity Village Water Company informed us last Friday that since the state budget is settled that the ground breaking for the long anticipated water treatment plant is close at hand.  In addition, the company is seeking to obtain funds from the federal stimulus package for updating the main and lateral water supply lines.   

Other potential good news for those of you who have dial up for your computers is that according to an article in the February 25th edition of the Trinity Journal ( page 5 ) broad band Internet may be coming to us if additional funding from the federal Community Development Block Grant can be acquired. Read the entire article by going to:           <www.trinityjournal.com>
February 13, 2009
Trinity County Installs Reverse 911

The Trinity County Sheriff's Department acquired a Homeland Security Grant for $122,000 to pay for the installation of a Reverse 911 System. This system enables the Sheriff's Dispatch Center to send warning of emergency situations to multiple phone lines in the county all at the same time. A prerecorded message is sent to areas selected by the dispatchers warning of things like evacuation orders, major weather issues or any situation that is hazardous to the public. For those of you who are on the Trinity Village emergency call list, this will be an additional way to keep informed.

The Sheriff's Department will be conducting tests of the new system starting the week of February 16th. The test will continue for a couple of weeks after that. Those receiving a test call don't need to do a thing. There will be a short pause when the phone is answered and the the test message will be delivered. If you have an answering machine and are not at home, the message will be recorded on your machine. At this point, cell phones will not receive the calls. The understaffed Sheriff's Department is looking for volunteers to help with the time consuming process of entering cell phone as well as e-mail addresses. Once they are entered, the system will be able to send the emergency messages on line as well as all phones.

January 28, 2009
A Message of Thanks from Don Sheldon

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I wish to thank all of you good people for the visits with and prayers for my wife Ramona. Since her passing your caring and support are a comfort. A special thanks to the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department for their many medical responses to help Ramona. Finally, I wish to thank those of you who provided food for our family and celebration of life gathering for Ramona last Sunday January 25th.

I am well blessed with a beautiful loving family, friends, and neighbors.
Blessings to you all,
January 14, 2009
Cell Service for Village Residents

Trinity Village residents might have Verizon cell service by the end of summer. Grant money from the PUC has been allocated for the construction of a cell tower above Hawkins Bar. All of the needed permits, contracts, engineering, etc. are in place. However, the current state budget crisis could slow things down. When the budget is settled enough to release the designated funds then it will be up to mother nature to cooperate with the weather. The carrier will be Verizon, but there are two other carriers who have expressed possible interest in being added later on. The goal is to achieve cell coverage for the entire 299 corridor between Eureka and Redding as soon as possible.
January 8, 2009
Subject: HBVFD Appreciation Night
To recognize your HBVFD firefighters and their families and as a thank you to the community for its support of the fire department, the HBVFD Board is having a spaghetti feed Saturday January 17th at 6 p.m. at the Grange. Bring your own liquid refreshments and table service. See you there.
October 25, 2008 Update:
The Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all the residents who have supported the various fund raising events over the past. These donations have enabled the department to purchase a new engine. Click on the HBVFD in the navigation bar to the left to read about it.

Reminder: The freezing temperatures are coming. We had two frosty mornings earlier this month. Remember to winterize your plumbing. Read the article on this by going to the Emergency Information section in the navigation bar.
September 11, 2008 @ 8:00 a.m.

Acres Burned: 105,855
Crews: 3
Engines: 2
Helicopters: 1
Dozers: 1
Water Tenders: 5
Cause: Lightning Date Started: June 21, 2008
Total Resources Assigned: 112
Full Containment Achieved: September 10, 2008

Current Fire Situation: The entire Iron-Alps Complex of fires was declared contained at 1800 on September 10, 2008. Final acreage change is due to more precise mapping. Buckhorn Fire: Some patches of interior burning may develop again today in the Big French Creek area around Limestone Ridge. Occasional smoke columns may be evident to the public on fires within the Iron Complex; however, fire crews are successfully keeping all fire activity within established containment lines.

Today's Objectives: Buckhorn Fire: Helitack crew members will be on site in the top of the bowl along Limestone Ridge monitoring interior burning. A California CCC crew will be working with the Weaverville District Agency Administrator in support of rehabilitation and repair work. Suppression repair work continues on the Buckhorn and Eagle fires.

Area Closures: A Closure Order is in place by the Shasta-Trinity NF prohibiting public use of National Forest System lands north and south of Highway 299. A detailed closure map and description may be found at: www.fs.fed.us/r5/shastatrinity/conditions.

Evacuations: There are no evacuation orders at this time. Highway 299 is open to traffic. For up to the minute road information call Caltrans at 1-800-427-7623 or www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/.

Remarks: THIS WILL BE THE FINAL DAILY UPDATE PRODUCED FOR THIS INCIDENT. Public and commercial recreational opportunities on the Forest and in surrounding communities are quickly returning to normal. Commercial rafting and kayaking at Pigeon Point Run are operational. Archery deer hunting season continues and the fall run of salmon and steelhead is beginning. Please use caution when recreating. The fire danger is still very high. To determine the status of a Forest Service campground or picnic area, please contact the local Ranger District office.

Additional Information: Recorded fire information for Shasta-Trinity National Forest is available at (530) 226-2500 (press 2), Iron Complex fire information at (530) 623-6415. Additional fire information is also available online at www.fs.fed.us/r5/shastatrinity or www.inciweb.org.

Reminder: As seen in the photo above of the stump fire, spot fires will continue to burn until the winter rains. They are within containment lines and they are monitored by forest service personnel.


Residents are advised to keep a close watch on children and pets. Be vigilant and warn all of your neighbors as well as your visitors about the following recent sightings and occurrences within the Village.

The fox that was reported by a resident on Hawkins Bar Road as acting sickly early Friday morning was shot and killed by another Hawkins Bar resident later on that same morning. This is the second "sickly" animal within the Village during this summer. Please report any sickly (possibly rabid) animal immediately to the Trinity County Sheriff's Office (800-331-0115 or 530-623-2611), Animal Control (530-623-1370), and the Fish and Game (see information listed below).

In addition to the fox, there were "screaming sounds" around 3 a.m. this morning along the riverside of Hawkins Bar Road in the vicinity of 863 Hawkins Bar Road. These are indicative of a mountain lion. Again, please report any sightings and or sounds of a mountain lion (the contact information is at the end of this message).

The very large (300+ pounds) bear that has been frequenting residents along the river over the past few weeks in the same area as the mountain lion mentioned above has not been recently sighted. The bear has been damaging fruit trees and knocking over garbage cans early ( @2-4 a.m.) morning. Take care not to leave any food (human or pet) out that would encourage an animal to "visit." Keep all garbage in a secured area and your animals in a safe place during your sleeping hours.

If you see a mountain lion or a possibly rabid animal in the Village please report this immediately to our local game warden. Call Officer Brad Straatamann at 530-623-4537, or call 1-888-DFG-CalTIP and press #3 ("to report a violation") and ask for him by name (his ID is Call #2114). If needed, stress to the dispatcher that this is a residential community. Other possible contacts are Warden Rich Banko (707-999-6842) or Warden Aaron Atkins (530-623-3723).

If it is a life threatening situation, call 911 ASAP.

In addition please call Nancy Standley 629-2415 or Diana Lynn 629-2838 so they may post the lion sighting on the Village bulletin board, post it on the web site , and more importantly send out a warning to those on the Emergency Phone Alert List. Check the website <www.gotrinityvillage.com> regularly to keep current on lion reports and of course, tell your friends and neighbors.

August 22, 2008 @ 8:00 a.m.

Acres Burned: 105,325 Crews: 13 Engines: 10
Percent Contained: 94% Helicopters: 5 Dozers: 1 Water Tenders: 14
Total Resources Assigned: 574
Expected Full Containment: September 1, 2008
Cause: Lightning Date Started: June 21, 2008
Structures Threatened: 390 (138 residences, 12 commercial, and 240 outbuildings)

Eagle 32,059 98%
Buckhorn) 28,439 84%
(partially in Trinity Alps Wilderness
Carey (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 3,698 81%

Current Fire Situation: There was limited fire activity yesterday and last night on all the fires. Patrol and mop up continued on the Eagle and Buckhorn fires. On the Carey Fire, crews continued to hold and patrol along Slide and Eagle Creeks, and the northeast portion of the fire near Mary Blaine Mountain.

Today's Objectives: Eagle Fire: Crews will continue to patrol and mop up. Buckhorn Fire: Construct direct line, patrol, hold and mop up. Carey Fire: Selectively construct hand line, continue patrol and mop up. Structure protection in Big Bar area will be provided as needed.

Area Closures: A Closure Order is in place by the Shasta-Trinity NF prohibiting public use of National Forest System lands north and south of Highway 299. A detailed closure map and description may be found at: www.fs.fed.us/r5/shastatrinity/conditions.

Evacuations: There are no evacuation orders at this time. Highway 299 is open to traffic. For up to the minute road information call Caltrans at 1-800-427-7623 or www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/.

Remarks: Hotter, drier weather is predicted over the next few days which may result in increased fire behavior.

Additional Information: Recorded fire information for Shasta-Trinity National Forest is available at (530) 226-2500 (press 2), Iron Complex fire information at (530) 623-6415. Additional fire information is also available online at www.fs.fed.us/r5/shastatrinity or www.inciweb.org.

Lime/Yolla Bolly Complex Update:

Current Fire Situation and Strategy: Resources continue repair and rehabilitation work on both the Lime and Yolla Bolly Complex. Crews are also extinguishing remaining hot spots within 300 feet of the fire perimeter. Work continues to repair existing hand and dozer line as well as retrieving remaining hose, pumps and other equipment on the fireline. A warming trend beginning today through the weekend will help firefighters find remaining hot spots that need to be extinguished. Fire personnel will be downsizing as work is completed.

Suppression efforts for Yolla Bolly will be based from Rat Tap Gap.

Fireline Repair: Intensified repair work on both the Miner and Lime fires will continue with the use of chippers, dozers and hand crews. Repairs include water barring exposed areas and replacing soil and brush on the fire line. Most of the Yolla Bolly Complex is within a wilderness area

Archery season opened Saturday, August 16. Portions of the South Fork Management Unit that were closed due to the fires have been re-opened for hunting. The area east of Highway 3 to the 29 Road, south to the 45 Road, north thru Deer Lick Springs/District boundary and north to Hwy 3 is now open. Hunters can see maps of the open areas at the Hayfork or Harrison Gulch Ranger Stations. Maps of the remaining closures are listed on the Shasta-Trinity NF website. Assessment will continue toward opening remaining closed areas while maintaining public and firefighter safety.

Area Closures: The Hyampom road reopened to the public at 8:00 a.m. on Aug 4th. The ongoing construction project will still result in traffic delays. The pre-fire traffic control will remain in effect. Within the South Fork Management Unit (Hayfork and Yolla Bolly) of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, most Forest Service roads and trails remain closed except Forest Roads 2N07 (Post Road) and 2N10 (Indian Valley Road) and roads within the area opened for hunting. The closure does not include state and county roads or private lands. The Yolla-Bolly Wilderness is also closed to public. The airport in Hayfork is now open.

For Additional Lime or Yolla Bolly Fires: Call Fire Information at 530-628-4392

On line go to: http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/shastatrinity or http://inciweb.org
E-mails may be sent to: shflimecomplex@gmail.com
JULY 8, 2008

There has been an advisory voluntary evacuation issued this morning by the Trinity County Sheriff for Trinity Village residents. Please be assured there is no immediate threat of a mandatory evacuation at this time.

The purpose of this advisory is to alert residents to be prepared in the case that a mandatory evacuation is ordered. The fire information officer for the Forest Service suggests that you gather the following six "P's" to be ready to go:

Please call the Trinity County Sheriff's Department at 530-623-2611 for updated information as to the situation. For fire information from the Forest Service call: 530-226-2500 EXT 2 or 530-623-6415. Resources on line are: <gotrinityvillage.com> or <yubanet.com/fire.php> click on the Iron Complex fire.

Trinity Village Water Company

July 7, 2008

Attention: Trinity Village Water Company customers

This notification of the public is required by the California Department of Health Services.

Due to the possibility that the Hawkins Creek will not be able to supply the water demand the boil water advisory will become in effect starting July 7, 2007 and will remain in effect until you receive notification of it being lifted

Due to increased water demand in the summer months, the Hawkins Creek water supply is unable to provide enough water for the Trinity Village residents. Therefore the Trinity Village Water Company is using water from the Trinity River in order to provide adequate supply to its customers. Though the water is continuously chlorinated, the Trinity River source does not comply with the California Surface Water Treatment Regulations. These regulations require that the water be filtered by an approved method and meet specific chlorine contact time requirements in order to remove and inactivate Giardia cysts. Because the water from the Trinity River is neither filtered nor chlorinated with sufficient contact time prior to the first customers, the microbiological quality of the water is Questionable.

You are advised to take the following precautions before consuming tap water:

Boil your water by bringing it to a boil for a minimum of one minute.

Disinfect your water by adding twelve drops of regular household bleach per gallon of water. Then allow the water to stand for 2 hours before drinking it.

Use bottled water or water from another source.

Please note: These precautions only apply to water that is being consumed, such as, for drinking (including ice made from the untreated water), cooking (if not boiled during the cooking process), washing vegetables when eaten raw, brushing teeth, etc. Water may be used for all other uses, (bathing, hand washing, washing clothes or dishes, and toilet flushing, without any special precautions). If washing dishes by hand, residents should do the final rinse using only hot water and be sure that dishes are dry before using them again.

Consumers wishing more information should contact me at (530) 629-4107
Thank You,
Bill Anderson
Friday May 23, 2008

Local Boy Can Use Our Support

Stephan Anderson, home schooled son of Theresa and Bill Anderson, often liked to go with his dad on his rounds tending our Village water system, until one day this May, he suddenly felt too tired to keep up with his father. Within four days doctors diagnosed leukemia.

Stephen, an extremely fine sixteen-year old young man, was just getting to know all of us Villagers, but is now in Children's Hospital in Oakland beginning a very long, demanding treatment.

Donation accounts at Willow Creek Umpqua Bank and Coast Central will accept ongoing help from those of us who understand how much this boy and his family will benefit from community support. So please, the next time you are in Willow Creek make a quick stop and give what you can, or even set up an automatic monthly deposit from your own account. This will be a long haul for Stephen and his family.

Please make your contributions, or schedule automatic monthly deposits to...
Umpqua Bank
"Stephen Anderson Fund"
Account # 991209529
Coast Central
"Stephen Fund"
Account # 119675



Report all sightings immediately. If you see a mountain lion (cougar) within the Village call our local warden Brad Straatamann (530-623-4537). Other contacts are Warden Rick Banko (707-999-6842) or Warden Aaron Atkins (530-623-3723).

Call Nancy Standley 629-2415 or Diana Lynn 629-2838 in the Village so the Emergency Phone Alerts can be sent out, information can be placed on the Village Bulletin board and the website <gotrinityvillage.com>
5.2 Magnitude Earthquake
April 30, 2008

Last evening (April 29th) about 8 p.m. a 5.2 earthquake rumbled through the Village. The epicenter was in Burnt Ranch. Residents in Burnt Ranch could hear the "sonic boom" sound before the earth began to move. There were no reports of any damage other than "rattled" nerves.
Air Force Para Jumper River Rescue/Boat Handling Training at Hawkins Bar
April 29, 2008

Elizabeth and Bill Wing wanted to let Villagers know that they will be hosting and running a River Rescue / Boat handling class at their home on Hawkins Bar Road May 6-13, 2008. On Saturday the 10th, they will be conducting a night training event for the Air Force Para Jumpers Special Operations Unit on the river.

They wanted to alert the Village as to what will be going on and not to be alarmed if boats are heard during the evening of Saturday May 10th. There is no emergency, simply valuable training for our Air Force Para Jumpers.
April 24, 2008

This morning at approximately 10 a.m. a young yet large mountain lion was discovered in a Fisher Road homeowner's front yard very near his front door.

All Villagers need to be watchful for their safety as well as their pets.

Let us know if you want to be included on our "Emergency Calling List" by clicking the "Contact Us" list in the left margin and sending us your request along with your name and all necessary telephone numbers. This incident is the just the kind that will go out to all those on the calling list. Those of you who have already signed up for it should have received the telephone alert warning Thursday evening when we were informed of the sighting.

If you see a mountain lion in the Village please report this immediately to
our local game warden. Call Officer Brad Straatamann at 530-623-4537, or call 1-888-DFG-CalTIP and press #3 ("to report a violation") and ask for him by name (his ID is Call #2114). If needed, stress to the dispatcher that this is a residential community. If it is a life threatening situation, call 911. Also please immediately call Nancy Standley 629-2415 or Diana Lynn 629-2838 so they may post the lion sighting on the Village bulletin board, post it on the web site , and more importantly send out a warning to those on the Emergency Phone Alert List. Check the website regularly to keep current on lion reports (www.gotrinityvillage.com) and of course, tell your friends and neighbors.
April 10, 2008

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District will provide free chipping for material removed during tree pruning and fuels reduction clearing around homes and along road frontage. The remaining chips, which are not hauled away, make great mulch and ground cover to prevent erosion. Check out the last summer's Village Voice Newsletter for the article on water conservation tips.

Please read the posted information on your Trinity Village Improvement Association's Bulletin Board which details the regulations and restrictions.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe O'Hara (530-629-3438). The Trinity County Resource Conservation District (TCRCD) may also be able to provide a crew to perform thinning, limbing, moving and stacking of materials for a fee, plus travel time.

The date for our next chipping will be Monday May 5th between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. This is a great opportunity for decreasing the risk of fire in and around your property.
April 4, 2008
The first Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department Sunday Breakfast will be May 4th from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Grange behind Simon Legree's. The breakfasts this year will be held on the first Sunday of the month (May-September).

Please check out the full schedule for all the Sunday Breakfasts and the other fundraising events for our fire department by clicking on the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department's page listed to the left.

Mark your calendars for the breakfasts, the Walk Run on May 25th, and the June Rummage Sale.
February 8, 2008

During the month of January, the Hawkins Bar Fire Department responded to 8 calls. There were 2 arson fires ( a stump and a pickup) which are under investigation. The department stood by to aid Buddy's with a high school bus in the ditch just before the turn to go up to Denny. There was a downed power line on Flame Tree and the responders stood by waiting for a PG&E repair crew. In addition there were 4 medical calls.

Check out the upcoming fundraiser events listed on the HBVFD page. The listed events include the Breakfast schedule, the Burton Pickle Memorial Weekend 5k Walk-Run, and a Rummage Sale. Mark your calendars!
January 3, 2008

During the month of December the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department assisted Down River VFD with 2 vehicle fires. On Christmas morning there was a medical call in the Village. The final call for 2007 was the day after Christmas when snow on 299 caused a big rig to block the road and the volunteers assisted in traffic control. The department wishes you a Happy New Year and reminds you to check/replace your smoke alarm batteries.
December 19, 2007

The Trinity Village Emergency Alert Phone System has been started. All automated messages would be under one minute in duration, and would be restricted to true emergencies that had been checked out by a Village "emergency committee" to eliminate false or frivolous alarms. This service would be free of charge and paid for with your TVIA (Trinity Village Improvement Association ) dues.

If you wish to be included on the Trinity Village Emergency Phone List , please please let us know via <news@gotrinityvillage.com>with the phone number(s) you would want contacted. If you have any questions call 629-2838 or 629-2415.

December 1, 2007
The Hawkins Bar Volunteer responded to 6 calls during the month of November. The calls included 3 traffic accidents, 2 medical calls, and a mobile home fire.
November 1, 2007
Kay Heath (Administrative Assistant of the Trinity Village Water Company) has announced that the boiled water notice imposed last Spring has been lifted.
October 31, 2007
The Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department responded to 9 calls this month. The calls included 5 car accidents (one as far away as Denny) involving some medical aid and traffic control. One call involved a down power line in the Village. The HBVFD also responded on a mutual aid call to help Down River VFD to put out a motorhome on fire. An additional two medical calls were to Cedar Flat. One of these was life threatening and we are happy to report that the patient is recovering.
October 18, 2007
At 8 a.m. there was a power outage that affected a total of 500+ area residents including Villagers. By late afternoon we had had one inch of rain for the day. To "top" the day off we had a jolt of an earthquake at 4:03 p.m.!
Jim Murray's Fond Farewell Potluck Party was well attended and a good time was had by all. Jim retired from the Trinity Village Water Company after 16 years as our water operator.
The new Trinity Village sign has been completed thanks to your annual dues to the Trinity Village Improvement Association (TVIA) and due to the work of the following Village residents:
Matt Antongiovanni
Paul Antongiovanni
Audrey Brown
Kent Brown
Gary Dodson
Gary Forbes
Vince Freemantle
Bob Hixson
Jim Maher
Steve Packard
Dave Simera
Jeremy Simera
Gary Standley
Nancy Standley

A very big thanks to the following businesses who contributed materials: GDF Builders, P.A. Builders, Simera Masonry, Miller Farms Nursery

James H. Murray
POB 555
Salyer, CA 95563
Fax (530)629-2795

August 20. 2007

To the Community of Trinity Village

This letter is to inform you that after September 30, 2007 I will no longer be providing services as the water treatment operator for the Village.

These past 16 years of taking care of your water supply has been a rewarding experience, not to mention the people I have met both past and present, and the close friendships that have developed during these years.

Many thanks to Charlie and Marilyn Dillard for putting up with me going through their yard daily and at all hours of the day and night when required, there are many more of you in the Village that have helped me in times of need with their brains, brawn, and equipment, (Thank You!),a special thanks to Whitson's Plumbing, Ty Riley, Gary Forbes and Paul Antongiovanni, I could go on and on but then, I would never get out of here. I will miss being around many of you, It is now time to make changes in our lives. Joyce and I will be relocating to Shasta County.

The very best to all of you in the Village.

Jim Murray
Saturday August 11, 2007

Dave Simera's master skills and his "apprentices" Gary Standley, Gary Dodson, Vince Freemantle, and Kent and Audrey Brown worked for two days to place and finish the rockwork for the base for the new Trinity Village sign. The project was started on June 21st and has been made possible by your TVIA dues, some donated materials, and hundreds of hours of volunteer work by Village residents.

To watch the progress on the sign, click here

August 1, 2007
The Forest Service is presently requesting public input regarding the status
of recreation sites such as campgrounds. This focused look at campgrounds could mean the closures of some of the remote ones, including ones such as Denny and Hobo Gulch.

There is definitely lack of funding in the National Forest system, and lack
of personnel to keep up the campgrounds as they did 20 years ago, but if we all send a note asking to keep the Denny Campground, they will listen.

If you know of anyone else who would like to keep what is left of the Denny
Campground, please pass this on so they can respond, too.


Send your views to:

Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Forest Service
Shasta-Trinity National Forest
3644 Avtech Parkway
Redding, CA 96002

(530) 226-2494/office (530) 226-2476/fax
July 31, 2007
Children and Golf Carts

It is illegal to drive Village roads on unlicensed vehicles such as golf carts and 4 wheelers, but it is especially dangerous letting children do so. Here is what Dear Abby has to say about this to a worried grandparent:

DEAR SERIOUSLY WORRIED: You do not appear to be a "Nervous Nellie" to me. I don't know the law in Florida, but in my opinion this could be considered child endangerment. Your granddaughter may be the most well-coordinated child in the world, but accidents do happen, and golf carts should not be confused with go-carts, which are meant for children.

Because you cannot get your son's and husband's attention any other way, place a call to your insurance agent, asking about the potential liability should your grandchild collide with another vehicle -- or, God forbid, a human being -- while operating the golf cart. The financial liabilities could be considerable, putting aside the possible injury to your granddaughter or others. It could be the wake-up call they need.
Thursday June 21, 2007: Trinity Village Sign Construction

The first day of Summer brought the genesis of the new Trinity Village sign...

To watch the progress on the sign, click here

Monday May 28, 2007: MOUNTAIN LION ALERT

We were informed this morning that Dan Browne saw a mountain lion Sunday evening (May 27th) near the intersection of Chinquapin and the River Road. Be aware that such sightings are coming with increased frequency. This is especially alarming since they seem to be comfortable around increased human activity here in the Village. Everyone needs to be vigilant and notify your neighbors of the potential danger.

If you see a mountain lion in the Village please report this immediately to
our local game warden. Call Officer Brad Straatamann at 530-623-4537, or call 1-888-DFG-CalTIP and press #3 ("to report a violation") and ask for him by name (his ID is Call #2114). If needed, stress to the dispatcher that this is a residential community. If it is a life threatening situation, call 911. Also please immediately call Nancy Standley 629-2415 or Diana Lynn 629-2838 so they may post the lion sighting on the Village bulletin board and the Village website. Check the website regularly to keep current on lion reports (www.gotrinityvillage.com) and of course, tell your friends and neighbors.
Sunday May 13, 2007: MOUNTAIN LION WARNING

A mountain lion was observed lounging in the backyard of a residence on Madrone in the middle of the afternoon today. Everyone needs to be alert. Inform your neighbors about the sighting.
May 5, 2007

The TVIA Board and Annual General Meeting have been changed to Sunday July 8th due to July 4th falling on a Wednesday and scheduling of the Annual Parade. The parade's theme this year is "Pirates". Plan to decorate your entries with this in mind. The parade will be Saturday July 7th. The staging of the parade will begin at 10 a.m. at the Fire Hall and will commence at 10:30.

To accomodate the Annual Parade, the TVIA Board will conduct it's meeting on Sunday July 8th at the Fire Hall (10 a.m. for the Board Meeting and 11 a.m. for the General Meeting). Everyone is encouraged to attend.
Mountain Lion Update April 8, 2007
A deer was observed this morning on Fisher Road with severe neck wounds made by a mountain lion. The deer was with 6 other deer and all were very skittish.
April 7, 2007: Update: NEW TRINITY VILLAGE SIGN
Permits are finally completed via the Trinity County Planning Department ($250), the Trinity County Road Department ($100), and the Trinity County Building Department ($138.34) for a total of $488.34. TVIA President Gary Standley will be seeking donations of material and volunteers to help construct the new Trinity Village sign.

March 17,2007
Mountain lion sightings are continuing. A mountain lion was sighted in an orchard on the upper part of Hawkins Bar Road a short distance from the Madrone.
Update:February 6, 2007
Attention dog owners and dog lovers. Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill (SB 1578) that prohibits the cruel practice of tethering pets to a stationary object. Read all about it in our "Animals" section of the website.
The Village has experienced several weeks of freezing temperatures. Call a neighbor or contact Neighborhood Watch (629-2415) to check on your property if you are not a permanent resident. When you return to the Village you should check for problems (cracked water pipes and broken connections) to avoid major water damage to your home and its contents.

Check out the suggestions to avoid frozen pipes problems from a plumber on the "Emergency Information" page on this website.
ALERT Januray 15, 2007:
Major water leaks have occured due to the several days of below freezing temperatures. Thanks to Jim Murray, Vince Freemantle, and the Neighborhood Watch team of Audrey and Kent Brown a few of them have been discovered. There are more that have not been located.

This website is courtesy of the Trinity Village Improvement Association (TVIA)