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October 5, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 1PM.  Attendees were Gary Standley, Nancy Standley, Audrey Brown, Kent Brown, Vince Freemantle, Anita Freemantle, Dorothy Fullam, Kay Vogelsang, Sue and Tim Davy, Cindy Gatioan and Mark Jones.    

The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.

Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurers report:

Beginning Balance $3405.22


Dues and Keys $1,075.00


PG&E (Jan. Feb. &March)                     82.68

Cindy Gatioan (Feral Cat Program)       441.00

Charlene Lundblade (Yard Sale) 19.58

Carol Draper (Flowers for the sign) 13.76

Security Lock (Keys)     162.38

Two Rivers Tribune       27.80

Total Expenses: $  747.20

Ending Balance $3733.02

The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business:

HBVFD donation was tabled to a later meeting.  Anita reported on the work during fire season this year.  They will receive money for the Fire Truck used at the helicopter station.   They may also receive donations of equipment from another department.

Cindy reported on the feral cats.  She has had 7 cats spayed and neutered.  Merry Ann contacted someone to get vouchers of $27.00 through Companion Animal Foundation.  Charlene Lundblade has a cat for adoption.  For more information contact Charlene, Cindy, or Merry Ann.

New Business:

There is a growing concern over the pot growers in the Village.  We were provided with the attached list of numbers to call if you have a concern.

Nancy presented the report from Harley Smith and Fred Griffith requesting money from TVIA to purchase the Liability Insurance  for the Trinity Village Mutual Benefit Water Co.  It was approved to pay $1709.00 for the insurance.

It was approved after discussion to increase the price for River Keys to $20 effective today.

The next meeting will be January 4, 2014 at 1PM, at the home of Kent and Audrey Brown, 50 Fisher Rd.

Respectfully submitted,

Audrey Brown