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JULY 7, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 12:03 PM.   Board Members present were Gary Standley, Nancy Standley, Audrey Brown, Kent Brown, Carol Draper, Mary Seely, and Kate Vogelsang.  Board member Vince Freemantle was absent.

Minutes of the July 2012 meeting were read and approved.

Audrey Brown gave the Treasurer’s report:

Beginning Balance $2026.12


Dues $2130.00


PG&E (April, May, June) $    82.11

Nancy Standley (Website subscription) $    97.94

Nancy Standley (Newsletter printing, supplies & 

postage) $ 259.75

Nancy Standley (Alert phone system) $    44.95

Cindy Gatioan (Cleaning the HB Rd median) $ 250.00

Carol Draper (Flowers for Village sign)   $18.74

Total Expenses $ 750.90

Bank Balance July 6, 2013 $3405.22

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business:

Nancy introduced the Board members and thanked them for all they have done this last year.  She also thanked the volunteers that have helped with various TVIA projects.  Cindy Gatioan and Merry Ann Grow, for helping  with the Feral Cats, Kent Brown for cutting the grass on the corner of Denny Road and Gary Standley for contacting the Trinity County Road Department.  

Cindy gave her report on the Feral Cat Project. Fire Chief Josh Schertzer gave the HBVFD report and asked for volunteers.  He was asked if there was anything the fire department could do with dead trees on private property.  He said they would leave a note on the property to alert the owners.

New Business:

Election of officers.  Nancy asked for nominations from the floor.  There were no further nominations. It was moved, seconded, and approved to re-elect the current office holder candidates for the following positions.

Nancy Standley, President

Audrey Brown, Secretary

Dorothy Fullam, Treasurer

Board Members for 2013-2015:

Kent Brown

Vince Freemantle

Carol Draper

The next board meeting will be on October 5, 2013 at the home of Gary and Nancy Standley.  With no further TVIA business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, 

Audrey Brown, Secretary

Nancy then turned over the floor to Fred Griffith, Harley Smith and Don Trepanier to speak on the progress with the purchase of the water company.

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