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JULY 5, 2014          

Meeting was called to order by President, Nancy Standley, at 1:05 PM at the Fire Hall.  There were approximately 32 members present.

The minutes from last year’s annual meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Dorothy Fullam indicating a balance in the account of $4,460.12 as of June 30, 2014.

President Nancy Standley thanked all the people who donated money for the additional expenses concerning the purchase of the water company.  President Standley announced the signing of the water agreement and she thanked extensively the people who worked on the purchase over the last several years and the current water board.


President Standley thanked the HBVFD for spear heading the removal of the dangerous fir trees on Hawkins Bar Road.  TVIA paid one-half of the cost to Watson Tree Service.  She also thanked HBVFD members Bruce Millerbis and Mike Wright who went around and weed whacked 16 fire hydrants.   She thanked Kent Brown and Gary Standley for trimming the curve by the sign, and to Vince Freemantle, Kent Brown and Bruce Millerbis for refurbishing the sign.  She thanked Carol and Rogene for taking care of the flowers at the sign.  The flowers have looked great all year.  She thanked Cindy and Merry Ann for the feral cat project.  She thanked Cindy for getting the scotch broom party together, consisting of Cindy, Vince, Anita, Audrey, Kent,Carol, Rogene , Steve Day and Marcie Clark.  She also thanked Gary Standley for contacting Trinity County regarding the potholes.  She thanked Gary Standley for getting the Stop signs installed.  He also got the no parking fire signs and the no fireworks signs.


Fire Chief, Todd Wright advised that they were concerned about the fire fuels in the Village.  He reported about the Ammon Fire.  Several engines reported to the fire within a matter of minutes.

He reported that anything you can do to reduce fire fuels would be greatly appreciated. He indicated that the fire fuels could be delivered to behind Campora for approximately $5 to $10 a truckload.

Cindy thanked everyone for help with the bake sale and the Walk Run.  They had 53 entrants.  The bake sale made $400.00.  A Rummage sale will not be held this year.  Charlene Lundblade will not be able to put it together and we are looking for volunteers.  Cindy reported on the feral cats and thanked the person who donated $100.00 for the cause.

President standley reported on the River Road lock.  There will be a new lock but the keys will not change.  Jon Stone will refurbish the old lock and we can use it as backup.

President Standley then indicated it was time for election of officers.  A motion was made that the officers and the following 3 board members for 2014 year be re-elected for the 2015 year.  Said motion was granted.  They are as follows:

President Nancy Standley

Secretary Audrey Brown

Treasurer Dorothy Fullam

Board Members

Gary Standley

Kate Vogelsang

Mary Seely

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by,

Charlotte Dodson, Acting Secretary

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