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July 2, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 1:00PM at the Fire Hall.   There were approximately 32 people attending.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by Audrey Brown and approved.

Nancy Standley gave the treasurer’s report:

Beginning Balance $3,749.06


Dues & Keys $2,205.00

Total Income $2,205.00


Nancy Standley (Pickle Ball set) $  202.29

PG & E( March,April,May) $    87.95

Security Lock(river Keys) $  217.50

Nancy Standley(newsletter mat.) $    41.29

David Mahoney(Meridian Clearing) $   200.00

Nancy Standley(newsletter postage) $   140.00

Nancy Standley(Paint mat./printing) $   253.46

Nancy Standley(500 Alert Calls) $     14.95

Carol Draper(flowers) $     41.07

Nancy Standley(Website,water) $     64.79

Total Expenses $1,355.30

Bank Balance as of July  4, 2015   $4598.76


President Nancy Standley thanked everyone for their help during the last year:

Cindy Gatioan-(Newsletter, Feral cat program, arranging for the clearing of the median on Hawkins Bar Rd.,  April  clean up committee, brush chipping in June  and the slow down signs in the village.

Bruce Millerbis, Kent and Audrey Brown, Gary Standley, Ginny & Jerry Guin, Sharon Grover, Anita Freemantle, and Cindy for working on the April Cleanup on China Flat Road.

Carol Draper and Rogene Rawlins- for taking such good care of the Village sign entrance  flowers.

Bruce Millerbis & Ty from Hess Ranch for weed whacking the corner on Denny Road.

Anita Freemantle, Charlotte Dodson, Audrey Brown and Merry Ann Grow- for helping with the newsletter mailing.

Gary Standley and Kent Brown- for marking the pot holes and getting the county to repair some of them.  Gary also posted the no fireworks signs and arranged the weed whacking of the Lower River road areas.

Ellen Thompson and Vic Wright- for their generous contribution of $100.00 for the Feral Cat program.

Nancy informed us that the River Road was cleaned up and the Beach Area was weed whacked by Allen Mercier.  He has been doing work for some of the residents and has done a very good job.  TVIA paid for the work.   If anyone is interested in having him do work for them please contact Gary and Nancy Standley or Kent and Audrey Brown for his number.

Cindy reported there will be an August work party and how well it went with the Fire Safe Chipping program.  

Gary and Kent are working on the Pickle Ball court.  It should be ready to go next week.  Contact  the Standley’s or the Browns if you want information.


Cindy reported on the Feral Cats:  no new kittens this year  Yeah!!!

Carol and Rogene reported seeing some new kittens up by the entrance.  Cindy will work with them to capture and find new homes or take them to the shelter.

Property Crime:  Everyone is aware of the break-ins we have had in the Village.  It is good to know your neighbors and report any suspicious activity.  New signs have been put up at various places and we hope that is just another way to stop this activity.  Keeping a watchful eye and reporting any unusual activity should also help.

Nancy Standley had handouts for emergency numbers, Sheriff, Narcotics, CHP, etc.  She also passed around the Email list for people to sign up to get Emails.

Ann Garland from the Trinity Village Mutual Water Co. Board gave an update on the purchase.  The Board is still waiting for clarification of the water permits and transferring the title to them.  The next board meeting will be posted on the bulletin board and emailed to water customers.

Fire Chief Todd Wright with HBVFD gave his annual report and again asked everyone to keep fire fuels under control on their property.  He had copies of the PG&E Grant forms for people to sign if they wanted their property cleared.  Already over 30 residents have signed up for it.

Audrey Brown HBVFD board member thanked, Liz and Gary Greene, Paul and Cathy Antongiovanni for putting on the B-B-Que last week.  They not only volunteered their time but also got donations and purchased all the food along with Dan and Rita Del Rosso.

The residents took a vote on locking the river gate.  It was decided that it should be locked every time you go through it.  It keeps our beach area safe and clean for residents to use.

With the break-ins, it was brought up about Neighborhood Watch.  President Standley reported why we do not have it anymore.  The people involved did not want to comply with the demand for Financial Statements, employment history, and paying $50.00 each for the background checks.  The county also wanted them to carry a weapon.  She suggested that if anyone else here wanted to start it up again she would let them know who to contact.

Officers up for election:  Nancy Standley President Audrey Brown Secretary

Dorothy Fullam Treasurer

Board members up for election: Kent Brown Merry Ann Grow

Carol Draper

They were all approved by the attendees.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM.

The next Annual meeting will be July 2nd, 2016, 1:00PM at the Fire Hal

Respectfully submitted by

Audrey Brown


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