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July 2, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 1:00PM at the Fire Hall.   There were approximately 25 people attending.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by Audrey Brown and approved.

Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurer’s report:

Beginning Balance April 2, 2016 $4,487.38


Dues & Keys $2,205.00

Total Income $2,205.00


Donation Cahill ( wheelchair) $  250.00

PG & E ( March,Aril, May) $   440.64

Security Lock (River Road keys $  217.50

Nancy Standley (Newsletter mat.) $440.64

Alan Mercier (weed whacking) $   400.00

Nancy Standley(Newsletter postage) $   177.75

Central Office (Annual letter) $  191.38

Nancy Standley(500 Alert Calls) $     14.95

Audrey Brown (paint-Potholes) $     16.18

Total Expenses $ 1,556.69

Bank Balance as of July 2, 2016   $ 5125.69


President Nancy Standley thanked everyone for their help during the last year:

Cindy Gatioan-(Newsletter, Feral Cat Program and help with the Newsletter. 

Carol Draper and Rogene Rawlins- for taking such good care of the Village sign entrance  flowers.  The new people in charge will be Mary Seely, Julie Cruz, Mona Pinochi and Jan Surrell.

Gary, Cindy and Cathy- for helping with the Newsletter mailing

Anita Freemantle for writing the Newsletter article on the water company.

Todd Wright and Merry Ann Grow for writing articles for the Newsletter.

Thank Bruce Millerbis and Kent Brown- for marking the pot holes.

Gary Standley for arranging for the weed whacking on the River Road, Hawkins Bar Road and Coon Creek Road. 

Ellen Thompson and Vic Wright- for their generous contribution of $100.00 for the Feral Cat program.

Nancy said if anyone is interested in having Alan Mercier do work for them please contact Gary and Nancy Standley or Kent and Audrey Brown for his number.

The Pickle Ball court is complete and ready to use; contact the Standleys or the Browns if you want information.


Nancy read the very touching thank you note from the Cahill Family.

Cindy reported on the Feral Cats:  no new kittens this year Yeah!!!

 TVIA will be working on getting the potholes fixed on our roads.  Gary Standley will contact the County Supervisor and the county road department.  TVIA has approved monies to do it ourselves if all else fails.

There was a report of a fast driver on Big Oak.  Todd Wright said to call the Highway Patrol and try to get a license number.  It may not be someone who does not live in the village.  The Highway Patrol number is listed in our newsletter.  

Anita and Todd advised everyone of the importance of having first aid supplies on hand for bee stings. Benadryl is always good to have for any allergy relief.

Fire Chief Todd Wright with HBVFD gave his annual report and again asked everyone to keep fire fuels under control on their property.  He thanked all of the responders for another year of service.  He talked about last year’s fire and how well it was handled by the Forest Service.  He talked about the new Water Tender the department purchased this year and all the benefits of having it.  He thanked Harley Smith for his work on the Grant for new equipment.  

Audrey Brown HBVFD board member thanked, Liz and Gary Greene, Paul and Cathy Antongiovanni for putting on the B-B-Que last week.  They not only volunteered their time but also got donations and purchased all the food. The fund raiser earned $3,000.00 in donations.  She thanked Kate Vogelsang for the new curtains in our Community Center.  They look great and really spruced the building up inside.  She thanked all the people who helped with the BBQ and Breakfasts.  She thanked all the people who volunteered this last year, Cindy Gatioan for being the Secretary, Merry Ann Grow, Dave Grow,  Kent Brown, Harley Smith, Gary Standley and Doug Ritterbush for being board members and all the work they do.  She also thanked Todd Wright, Bruce Millerbis, Cathy Millerbis, Anita Freemantle, Gary and Nancy Standley, Tim and Janet Fisher  for all they do to keep our department going.  

Anita Freemantle  gave a report on Trinity Village Mutual Water Co.  The purchase went through last November.  We have attained non- profit status from the IRS and are waiting to hear from the state of California. 

 Anita and the board will work on getting a Calling Post account for any water issues we may have.

The Consumer Confidence report has been mailed along with the new Service Agreement.  Everyone needs to fill it out so the company will have current information on everyone.

Willow Creek Community Services has loaned us there leak detection equipment.  Bill Anderson is learning to use it to detect leaks in the Village.

The water board’s term ends in October, and if anyone wants to join the board please contact her.  

The board meets on the 2nd Friday of each month at 6:PM  at the Fire Hall


Officers up for election:  Nancy Standley President Audrey Brown Secretary

Dorothy Fullam Treasurer

Board members up for election: Mary Seely Gary Standley

Kate Vogelsang

They were all approved by the attendees.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM.

The next Annual meeting will be July1, 2017, 1:00PM at the Fire Hal

Respectfully submitted by

Audrey Brown