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October 1, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 1 PM at the Brown’s.  Attendees were Gary & Nancy Standley, Dorothy Fullam, Carol Draper, Merry Ann Grow, Kent & Audrey Brown, Cindy Gatioan, Kate Vogelsang, Rogene Rawlins.

The minutes of the July meeting were and approved.

Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurers report:

Beginning Balance $5125.69


Dues & Keys $1180.00

Total Income $6305.69


Nancy Standley (Calling Post 500 calls)$    44.95

PG & E(July, Aug., Sept.)     $    90.73

Total Expenses   $  135.68

Bank Balance as of October 4, 2016 $6170.01


Gary Standley got prices from Eagle Rock in Weaverville for cold patch.  It will cost $90.00 a ton and we will probably need 4 to 5 tons. The charge for the truck to haul it will be about $110.00 each way.  We had already approved up to $2500.00.  Bruce Millerbis is working on getting a truck to haul it.

Feral Cat report: Merry Ann reported a problem with a male cat on Coon Creek Road. It is not neutered and she has talked to the owner with no response.  She has also seen kittens that look like the male cat.  She was looking for suggestions on what to do next.  

It was suggested to get other neighbors to also talk to the owner of the cat.  We have already offered to pay for the neutering.


Cindy is still concerned with speeding on Hawkins Bar Road.  She has suggested we put up more signs to slow down.  Cindy will look into what kind of signs are available and bring it to the next meeting. Kate will look into ways to get people to slow down. Gary will be talking to our Supervisor about speed bumps.

The next meeting will be held January 7, 2017, 1PM at the home of Gary and Nancy Standley.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by

Audrey Brown


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