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April 7, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 1 PM at the home of Kent and Audrey Brown.  Attendees were Gary & Nancy Standley, Dorothy Fullam, Anita Freemantle, Kent & Audrey Brown, Cindy Gatioan, Charlotte Dodson, Bruce & Cathy Millerbis, Mary Seely, Kate Vogelsang, and Merry Ann Grow.

The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved with correction of Cathy Millerbis name.

Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurers report:

Beginning Balance $6058.58


Total $6058.58


Nancy Standley (gift to HBVFD) $   400.00

PG & E (Jan.,Feb., March) $    91.37

Lone Star Const.( Cold Patch)           $  877.73

Total Expenses $ 1369.10

Bank Balance as of Oct. 4, 2016 $ 4689.48


Feral Cat report: Nothing new to report on the cat problem on Coon Creek.  Someone dropped off a cat at Cindy’s and she would like to find a new home for it.

A slow down sign was approved and will be put up on Denny Road.  The cost is $90.00.

Thanks to Gary Standley and Bruce Millerbis for patching the potholes in our roads.  Bruce hauled the cold patch and he and Gary worked on the roads.  We still have cold patch left and they will continue to fill pot holes as needed.

April 29th will be the Kool Village Night Bar-B-Que.  Anita and Nancy will email Trinity Villagers.  The setup is scheduled for 4:00 PM and it will start at 5:30PM at the Fire Hall.  We will serve hot dogs and polish dogs.

Audrey will do the shopping.  Salads will be provided:

Audrey - Potato Salad

Nancy – Macaroni Salad

Mary - Green Salad

Cathy - Pasta Salad

Desserts will be provided by Cindy, Audrey and Mary

Anita has arranged for DJ Cosmic Charlie to provide the music.


Cindy will work on getting a Facebook site going for TVIA.  Nancy will continue to update our TVIA website until 2018.

The next TVIA Board Meeting will be at noon on Saturday July 1st at the Village Fire Hall followed by the Annual Meeting of the entire TVIA membership at 1pm.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:50 PM 

Audrey Brown