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July 1, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 12:07 PM at the Fire Hall. Members Present were Mary Seely, Cindy Gatioan, Dorothy Fullam, Merry Ann Grow, Nancy Standley, Gary Standley, Kent Brown, Audrey Brown Kate Vogelsang.  The Annual Meeting was opened at 1:00 PM.  There were approximately 30 people attending.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by Audrey Brown and approved.

Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurer’s report:

Beginning Balance April 1, 2017 $4689.48 


Panda’s Decals and Signs $  90.00

Nancy Standley (Website) $  59.40

  Brown(Supplies for BBQ) $ 137.60

Alan Mercier(Median Clearing) $ 270.00

Nancy Standley(Newsletter Expense) $ 198.74

PG&E (April, May, June) $  91.55

Total Expenses $ 847.29

Bank Balance July 1, 2017 $3842.19


President Nancy Standley thanked everyone for their help during the last year:

Ellen Thompson and Vic Wright for their generous contribution of $100.00 for the Feral Cat Program.

Cindy Gatioan for helping with the newsletter, Feral Cat Program, and getting the slow down signs

Gary Standley and Bruce for patching the roads in the Village

Merry Ann Grown for helping with the Feral Cat Program.

Susan Hansen and Jim and Janet West for their generous donations.

All the volunteers that helped with the BBQ.

Nancy talked about the loss of Carol Draper this year. She and Rogene Rollins have been residents of the Village for 25 years and volunteered on the Fire Department, TVIA, and took such good care of the flowers at the entrance to the Village.  Rogene has moved to be with family and they both will be missed.

Nancy also noted the passing of two more residents, Barbara Papstein, and Janice Saunders.

It was proposed that a plaque be put up at the entrance sign honoring Carol Draper.  More information will be developed at the next meeting.

It was approved by the board that the new signers on the checking account at Umpqua Bank will be Nancy Standley, Dorothy Fullam, and Cindy Gatioan.


Merry Ann gave a report on the Feral Cat program.  There were 3 new kittens found and taken to a foster home.  They will be put out for adoption.  She has asked that TVIA cover the expenses.  She will report the cost at the next meeting. 

 TVIA will be continue working on getting the potholes fixed on our roads.  Gary Standley and Bruce Millerbis will be filling the holes as needed.

It was again asked that we slow down on the roads in the Village.  We are hopeful that the new signs will help.

The Bulletin board at the entrance needs repair on one of the posts.  It was tabled until the end of summer.  Nancy asked for volunteers to help with the work.

Mona Pinochi asked that everyone try to get new volunteers in the Village.  Check with neighbors and let them know about TVIA, HBVFD, and the TVMWC  welcomes them to help in any way they can.

There was a concern about properties in the Village that are not kept up and not fire safe.  Fire Chief Todd Wright will contact CalFire to see if they can help us notify the owners.  Anita Freemantle said the fire department have sent letters in the past with no response.

It was also discussed about cutting trees within 100 feet of the property on Forest Service land.  Todd said it is possible to get permission if they are a hazard.

NO FIREWORKS SIGNS have been put up.  Hopefully everyone will abide by them.

TVIA will have another BBQ on September 9, 2017.  It will be “SO LONG TO SUMMER”.  The last one was a great success and hopefully we will have a great turnout again.  Nancy asked for volunteers to make salads or deserts and TVIA will provide hot dogs..

Anita Freemantle  gave a report on Trinity Village Mutual Water Co.  The first annual meeting was held in May. The new board members were elected  were Tim Fisher, Rick Harris, and Kate Vogelsang.

She was asked about water leaks and the infrastructure.  She reported that some meters had to be replaced and the leaks are minimal at this time. 

The board meets on the 2nd Friday of each month at 6:PM  at the village Fire Hall.

Fire Chief Todd Wright gave a report from the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department.   There is a need for more volunteers, but they must attend regular training on Tuesday nights at the Fire Hall.  He also asked that there be no Fireworks in the Village because of fire danger.  He thanked all the responders for their time for this last year.  He also noted that Harley Smith has written Grants for  new equipment and hoses for the trucks.  


Officers up for election:   Nancy Standley President  Audrey Brown Secretary

Dorothy Fullam Treasurer

Board members up for election: Kent Brown, Merry Ann Grow, and  Connie Anderholm

They were all approved by the attendees.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:20 PM.

The next board meeting will be October 7, 2017 at the home of Gary and Nancy Standley at 1:00PM

The next Annual meeting will be July 7, 2018, 1:00PM at the Fire Hall 

Respectfully submitted by

Audrey Brown