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TVIA Board Minutes January 6, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Standley at 1:01pm at the Fire Hall.

TVIA officers and board members present: Nancy Standley, Gary Standley, Dorothy Fullam, Connie Anderholm, Merry Ann Grow, Mary Seely

Villager Attendees: Ron & Cathy Maher, Bruce & Cathy Millerbis, Anita Freemantle, Pam Cahill, Paul & Matt Antongiovanni

The October 14, 2017 TVIA meeting minutes were read by Nancy and approved via a motion from Merry Ann Grow that was seconded by Gary Standley.

Treasurer Dorothy Fullam read the following Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:       $6,863.96


                  Dues:                      $125.00


Cheryl Clayton Cat Foster/Vet Care  $375.93

  Humboldt Spay & Neuter    $80.00

Nancy Standley New Bulletin Board/Magnets $79.12

Security Lock & Safe River Lock repair         $30.00

PG&E Oct/Nov/Dec 2017         $91.56

Ending Balance: $6332.35


Nancy gave an update on the status of our TVIA Umpqua banking account.  The Willow Creek branch is closing mid January and we will continue to look into switching our account to Coast Central Credit Union.  CCCU’s Matt and Cathy Antongiovanni will be advising us as to what needs to be done to make the switch.

Paul and Matt Antongiovanni were thanked for the the repair of the Village  Bulletin Board.

Merry Ann Grow gave an update on the fostered feral kittens. All four have been placed in other communities with the aid of an adoption group facilitated via the Farm Store.  She reported that another young mother cat has been trapped, spayed and given shots.  She along with her son (who is scheduled to be 

neutered) are sweet and she hopes that they can be adopted together. Paul Antongiovanni suggested that there be fund raisers to benefit the Carol Draper Memorial Feral Cat Project. Merry Ann was thanked for her tireless work helping to make the lives of these cats better.

Cindy’s brother now has time to look into our TVIA Meeting Banner to be posted at the Village Bulletin Board.  It will simply say TVIA Meeting this Saturday at the Fire Hall @1pm.  Cindy was ill today so the banner was tabled.

Anita Freemantle was asked to provide an update from the Village Fire Preparedness Committee. Her meetings with Cal Fire, Forest Service, and the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council were informative. This has enabled her to network with the various personnel for the betterment of our community. 

She said that the County Road department also has given the Villagers the permission to begin easement clearing to get the 45 foot clearance that Cal Fire recommends.There is a crew of Village volunteers who will be beginning this clearing soon, starting with the Hawkins Bar meridian.  Our safe Village egress and regress in case of a fire as well as encouraging defensible space is high on the list for the Committee. She encourages everyone to check out the website “Ready, Set, Go” for valuable information. She is hopeful that Cal Fire will be doing defensible space inspections here. She is also looking into SRA Grant possibilities.  Pam Cahill volunteered to help write grants for this purpose. The next meeting date for the Village Fire Preparedness Committee is Saturday January 20th at 10 am at the Village Fire Hall. 


The date was set for the second annual Kool Village April Night.  It will be Saturday April 28th at the Fire Hall.  Volunteers were asked to provide barbecues, to cook, to set/clean up, and to make salads or desserts. The following in attendance volunteered: Mary Seely, Connie Anderholm, Merry Ann Grow, Anita Freemantle, Bruce and Cathy Millerbis, Pam Cahill, Ron & Cathy Maher, Paul & Matt Antongiovanni, Gary & Nancy Standley.

Next TVIA Meeting April 7, 2018 at the Fire Hall

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Standley

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